Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Going topless reveals differing standards

Yesterday afternoon, while a friend and I were walking home from dinner, we saw, to our utter amazement, a young woman jogging down the Street. Topless. We were speechless, of course.

Along with being shameless, she was a notably fast runner. We continued on our walk home, trying to remove the incident from our memory. Imagine our collective surprise when, upon arriving at the lobby of Home Sweet Home, we saw three female members of the custodial staff standing around a mop bucket. Topless. Topless. Topless.

“This is supposed to be a civilized society, people!” someone shouted. “Centuries of living together has mandated that we refrain from doing this! You’re breaking all the rules!”

The three topless custodians lazily gazed at the shouting person and shrugged their shoulders.

What I have just described is completely false. Not only have I never seen a topless female custodian at work, I don’t think traditional mop buckets are still in use in many places.

There is a lesson to be learned here, and it is directed at males of society. The lesson is this: In this golden age of buzz words like “double standard,” there is no justice in the acceptance of a trend which allows males to cut the sides of their t-shirts to such an extreme degree that innocent people find themselves inadvertently face-to-face with the wearer’s nipples. At the basketball court is one thing. Behind a desk, in the classroom, in a place of business ... all very different stories.

The bottom line is this: Until female joggers and custodians can go about their business topless without being criticized or arrested, it should remain a given that men should also avoid showing off their nipples while jogging or cleaning. Double standards? Isn't it time we stripped that silly rule away.

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